Everett "Gamble" Hardin


Necropolitan/Human Ranger L1 (Ex Sheriff)


Everett woke in the ditch or shallow grave he was dumped in. His clothes tattered and wasted but his badge clean as the day he got it. He isn’t sure why he was returned but it might be to uphold the law and the badge that is seems to be his curse that keeps him around. He figures he can make amends for being a drunk and cheat of a sheriff in life in his second chance and maybe when he repays his debt he can finally rest. Though he has this chance doesn’t mean he isn’t plagued with the drink and the thrill of gambling. He remembers his past life, a sheriff of a town between major cities he tried to hustle the travels out of funds and arrested the people who got over the top. He would drink his spoils away and wait for more travelers to hustle and fuel his lust of booze. Though a bit rough around the edges he still edges on the side of the law except when the drink shifts his morals.

Everett "Gamble" Hardin

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